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Market Knowledge

As seasoned commercial real estate brokers, we have a firm grasp on our market. We know which buildings are available, understand restrictions, zoning, are aware of proposed developments and are up to date on comparable sales or rents.

Experienced Negotiators

With 100’s of transactions negotiated, we are experts at closing a deal. Our specialty is “thinking outside the box” to get deals done that may be difficult.

Contracts/Document Understanding

Having vast experience with commercial earnest money and lease contracts helps prevent many legal hurdles that arise when the client’s attorney gets the documentation. Also, we make suggestions and point out red flags to legal counsel to avoid problems for our clients.


Seller notes, bridge loans, mezz loans, conventional, SBA, Seller seconds…we have seen it all and have relationships with lenders which have money to lend at competitive rates. Most of all they are familiar with the Houston Market.

Understanding Construction

Not all commercial real estate brokers understand different types of commercial construction and the advantages/disadvantages of each as well as related reproduction costs. Since we also do development, we have seen what goes into a new building.


Above all, we are here to look out for your interests. As many of our clients will attest, if we feel the deal is not right for you, we will tell you. Our success comes from repeat business and referrals. Unhappy clients do not make for long term success.

Let our experience, knowledge and loyalty work for you.